The Historic King Abdulaziz Palace Is Located In The Lina Center Of The Rafha Governorate On The Northern Borders, And Its Area Is Approximately 4320 Square Meters. Inside It Are Some Archaeological Writings That Tell Of Its History And The Year Of Its Construction, As It Was Planned In The Style Of Saudi Palaces In The Past.

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  • Natural Assets

    Natural Assets

  • Historical Origins

    Historical Origins

  • Cultural Assets

    Cultural Assets

  • Cultural Programs

    Cultural Programs

  • Heritage And Culture

    Heritage And Culture

Most Notable

  • Plains, Dhol And Fossils
  • Geological Discoveries
  • Lina Wells

Historical Origins, Most Notable :

  • The Zubaydah Trail Is In The Process Of Discovering And Documenting Other Historical Origins

Heritage In Culture Is Divided To :

  • Material Heritage Such As The Urban Heritage, The Most Prominent Of Which Is The King Abdul Aziz Palace In Lina And Dome
  • Heritage Is Intangible, Such As Folk Proverbs, Customs, Traditions, Poetry, Games, And Others

Supporting These Programs And Events Comes To Enhance Cultural Identity And Seek To Develop And Train Those Interested In Cultural Crafts To Sharpen Their Interest Around Them, Most Notable Programs:

  • Cultural Mentorship Program
  • Handicraft Program
  • It Is Considered One Of The Pillars And The Target Of The Reserve, Through Which The Goals Of The Reserve’s Vision Are Achieved By Promoting Development, Revitalizing Tourism And Environmental Tourism, And Protecting The Cultural Heritage For Future Generations, Such As Popular Customs And Traditions, Games And Others.