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The Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Royal Reserve Was Established By Royal Decree In 2018, To Preserve A Thriving Natural And Plant Environment And A Healthy And Sustainable Wildlife, As Well As In An Effort To Activate Eco-Tourism, Limit Hunting, Overgrazing And Prevent Logging.

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A World Reserve With A Unique Environment, Rich Heritage And Beautiful Nature; Through Which We Seek To Create An Eco-Tourism Experience With Distinguished International Standards For Visitors.

Preserving The Wildlife

The Resettlement To Many Species Of Plants And Animals; To Achieve A Thriving And Sustainable Biodiversity.

Al Reem Deer

between her body and her eyes; A symbol of beauty among the poets' verses

The red neck ostrich

with its red neck, black feathers completes the beautiful desert painting.

Arabian Oryx

her dark eye; A captivating beauty relieves the stinging of the desert.

The wild cat

The color of the sand is bright, creeping from the dunes, this cat of extreme beauty.

Acacia trees

the acacia plant of high stature; Shade and shelter for the reserve animals, and great economic wealth.

Local Community

We Seek To Create A Social, Economic And Positive Impact By Engaging The Local Community.


Afforestation campaign of 1000 seedlings in the city of Torbah Hail

The establishment of the Imam Turki bin Abdullah Royal Reserve Development Authority, an afforestation initiative, with the participation of more than 100 volunteers from the local community, and in cooperation with the Education Office of Baqa’a Governorate.


Zubaida Winter version 1 in Lina City

The Imam Turki bin Abdullah Royal Development Authority held the Darb Zubaydah Winter Festival in the city of Lina

I’m Talented

The authority invites those wishing to join its field work

The authority invites those wishing to join its field work as a volunteer to fill out the following data